Connecting customers to local things they love.

Welcome to the business end of PYPER

The app that connects you to customers who love what you do,

helping you make more sales, more often.

Promote Your Business

Promote your products and services in REAL TIME – in a format that is modern, engaging and relevant. Connect with local customers.

Reward Your Customers

Aside from attracting new customers, why not reward and upsell to your existing customer base? Get your current customers on-board with PYPER!

More Sales, More Often

There is no limit to the quantity, type or duration of Offers you may want to run. Attract new customers, reward existing ones and get the edge on your competition.

Drive Traffic

Send out Offers and incentives in quiet times of the day, week, month. Fill gaps in your booking schedule, or provide up-sell incentives.

Share News

Update customers on the latest news about your business, be it trading hours, new products or new services. It’s not always about a discount!

Flexibility and Control

You completely control the Offer. You select and promote the products and services you want to, when you want to, as often as you want to.

No Commissions

Once signed up, you do not pay any commissions. All proceeds of sales are entirely yours, unlike some group buying and voucher promotions.

Affordable and Efficient

Make mobile marketing an affordable and integral part of your advertising strategy. PYPER APP will be your most cost effective marketing asset.

Get Started Today for as little as $1.85 per day

A World of Offers, News and Events

The Latest Offers, News, Events And Information Sent Directly To Their Phones.


PYPER is a leading FREE APP that sends your customers local Offers, news and information based on their personal preferences.

Real-Time Alerts

PYPER sends real-time alerts to your customers through the PYPER APP about offers you make available. They'll be the first to know what's going on in their area NOW!


Your PYPER business solution connects your LOCAL BUSINESS to LOCAL CUSTOMERS with the PYPER APP. It enables them to take advantage of special offers, news and information that is close to them at that very moment.

All in One

PYPER is your one-stop information hub for how customers are responding to your messages and alerts — just as PYPER is their one-stop hub for the latest special offers, promotions, news, information and experiences that you want to share.

Owning a Region

The Modern, Affordable, Low Risk Way To

Own Your Own Business.

Becoming your own boss is the dream of many employees. Owning and running a PYPER region may just be the change of profession and lifestyle you have been waiting and looking for.

  • Leading technology developed and owned by Australians
  • Combination of high value, high interest, relevant and high growth Categories – technology, mobile devices, advertising and retail.
  • Non-seasonal, earn recurring income based on business participation
  • Affordable entry point and rapid return on investment
  • Be actively involved in your own business in your own exclusive territory

Regions are selling fast and the opportunities to secure them are limited.

PYPER Supports Your Community

PYPER in the Community

PYPER is far more than a retail sales and advertising tool.

PYPER is the perfect communication tool for:

  • Community Groups,
  • Charitable Organisations
  • Member Based Organisations,
  • Clubs,
  • Councils, and other
  • Not for Profits Organisations

PYPER is the most cost effective way for you to build the awareness of your organisation, share news and generate the action you desire from the community, members, sponsors, donors etc.

Frequently asked Questions

For Business

Will you help me get started?

Yes, our Customer Support team will make sure you have the tools and information you need to make the most of PYPER

Will this replace my other marketing activities?

PYPER will support and complement your other marketing initiatives, however, you will find that PYPER will replace many marketing activities as it is a far more effective and affordable way to communicate and connect with current customers. The PYPER app will also attract new customers you would not necessarily attract using traditional forms of marketing and advertising.

Why would I send special Offers to my existing customers – they are going to buy from me anyway?

The greatest source of growth for most business lies within their existing customer base. Getting your customers to try something different, getting them to purchase more than they normally would, giving them a reason and reward to purchase more often or having them refer your business to friends are all ways to leverage your existing customer base. PYPER APP is the perfect marketing tool to do this.

Why wouldn’t I just use Facebook or other Social Media?

PYPER proactively pushes messages to and alerts your customers, whereas customers generally need to go looking, at their own leisure through Social Media. Some Social Media channels do not allow customers to set their preferences, or to only receive messages from their local area, whereas PYPER does.

Is PYPER available to Online retailers?

No, PYPER is for local business to advertise to their local community.

Does PYPER take a % of the sales achieved through the Offer?

NO, only the monthly service fee is charged, and this is a tax deductible business expense.

How many notifications can I send per day?

You can post three alerts per 24 hours.

Where are my notifications broadcast to?

Your Offers and notifications are broadcast to a designated radius from your business, organisation or event location.

Who receives my Notitfication?

Any User with the PYPER APP who is in your broadcast radius PLUS any Users who have selected the “LOVE YOUR BUSINESS” feature.

Are there any Categories that PYPER prohibits?

Yes, as PYPER users can be under the age of 18, PYPER prohibits business in the adult industry, as well as the alcohol and tobacco industries.

Are there any restrictions on what I can send out?

PYPER does not dictate what your Offer should be. That is up to you. You know your market and your customers so you are best placed to determine the Offer. However, all PYPER messages sent through PYPER must be G RATED for an audience that includes people under 18 years. We moderate all messages to ensure that there is no offensive language content.

Can I see how many people received my message?

Yes, in your reports, you can see how many people in the area received your message in the broadcast area.

Can I see where the message was received?

Yes, the map in the administration panel also shows where in the area people received the message.

Can I cancel my Offer of promotion (for example, if I run out of stock)?

You can but it is not recommended unless in exceptional circumstances.

For Users

How much does the APP cost to download?

PYPER is free to download for Users.

What is a push Notitfication?

Push notifications messages are simple text alerts sent to the smart phone User if they are in the area, and have selected to receive push notifications.

Will it cost me money to receive push notifications?

Receipt of notifications will impact a smart phone Users data plan. Users should refer to their smart phone carrier plan. The cost is minimal

Is PYPER like a Scoopon or Groupon?

No, these discount Offers often rely on a minimum number of purchases before the Deal is activated. Any Offer sent by PYPER is available at that very moment for you to take up.

Am I going to get sent a whole bunch of alerts I am not interested in?

No, PYPER enables you to set your personal preferences, and to turn alerts on and off depending on when and where you are.

Contact and Customer Support

Our success is dependent on your success, so if at any time you require additional information, support, training and guidance on how to get the most from PYPER APP, our team is here to help. We pride ourselves on exceptional, personalised customer service, so please contact us at any time.


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